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In my spare time, one of my guilty pleasures is finding discount replacement parts for my own Jeep (currently a Wrangler JK Sport Utility 2-Door 3.6L 2015) on eBay, JK Owners and JK Freaks. If I had the money (and a big warehouse), I would buy most of those parts for myself.

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First off, if you are into serious offroading, perhaps you shouldn't wait for parts to break (or to be completely worn-out) before buying new ones. When you break vital components, it's not that easy to find used and cheap replacement parts quickly. Most Jeepers give up and just order from Amazon, Quadratec, Extreme Terrain, Morris 4x4 or Carid. As a result, they pay full price to get back on the trail. You could save a lot of money (and hassles) by just being proactive. If you know where (and what) to search, classifieds are full of heavy discount products. The fact is that a lot of Jeepers just order the wrong parts and wait for too long before installing them (more than 30 or 90 days). So, they can't get a refund. And now they are screwed. Especially those who don't have many Jeep friends or a 4x4 club membership.

Whenever I find something cool and really underpriced, I'm just going to upload the link on this page (every week). So, I invite you to stay tuned and come back every week.

(Please note: I only list parts and accessories that fit my own trim : Jeep Wrangler Sport JK 2-Door.)



Week Sept 6 2018


- Transfer Case Shifter Selector Cable Line

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Classified Replacement Parts Jeep Wrangler JK 2-Door


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