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3 Fuel Additives from STP that Make a Difference

Tune-Up Fuel System

How to optimize the fuel system of your Jeep Wrangler for only $40.


Clean the fuel tank, the valves, the injectors, and the fuel line before you begin your journey. Why? 1) Better mileage 2) Save on gas money 3) Enjoy a more responsive and reliable engine 4) Get faster accelerations 5) Prevent your gasoline from (eventually) freezing in cold weather

How to clean Fuel System Wrangler JK


Prepare your first expedition with your Jeep in the extreme remote wilderness. It's easy to perform maintenance of the fuel system of a Wrangler JK with 3 cheap miracle bottles.


Fuel Efficiency vs. Jeep Wrangler

Fuel Efficiency Jeep Wrangler in Yukon

Most city drivers don't give a damn about their fuel system. But in the remote wilderness, gas is the most precious resource and a clean fuel system helps to preserve it. Here in Alaska, Yukon, Northern BC, and the Northwest Territories, you won't see over-excited weekend wheelers starting a bonfire with a full jerrycan of petrol.


7 Facts About Gas in the Wilderness

1. Gas stations are scarce and scattered across huge territories. You may have to drive 200 miles / 320 km on gas guzzling terrain (unmaintained trails and mountainous rocky roads) to reach the next one.

2. Gas stations are unreliable (because poorly managed, not open 7 days a week, or experiencing gas shortages after severe weather conditions). I'm not complaining because it's cool to get gas in extremely remote areas. But you have to keep in mind that the gas there is (often) poor quality.

Gas Station Remote Wilderness Jeep Wrangler JK

3. Gas is 10% to 50% more expensive at the pump in remote communities.

4. Gas has more trading value than anything else in the bush. I've seen incredible deals that urbanites wouldn't believe. You should keep your extra gasoline aside and thank me later.

5. Gas is a constant concern. Even if you carry four 2-Gallon Rotopax at all times, you'll keep a constant eye on the fuel gauge.

6. Gas means mileage, heat, electricity, and safety. It means life. Do not waste a drop of it if you want to survive long and have fun Jeeping in the wilderness.

7. Begging for gas is an awful experience. You feel stupid, powerless, and at the mercy of any random wandering yahoo. Adventurers and remote area workers are normally well organized people. Be one of them.

How to save gas on the trail Wrangler JK

7 Benefits of a Clean Fuel System :

1. Reduce gas consumption by up 2%.

2. Get extra mileage on the trail.

3. Stronger accelerations when needed + faster engine response.

4. Easier to start the engine in cold weather.

5. Get rid of water in the tank + fuel line.

6. Extend the life of your fuel pump + filters by eliminating contaminants in the tank itself.

7. Restore original factory performance of your Jeep.

Tune-Up the Fuel System

Mechanical skills required : None

Cost : $40 (or less)


STP Fuel System Cleaners Wrangler


Step 1. STP Fuel System Cleaner 155ml

Breaks solid particlesSTP Fuel System Cleaner 155ml

This special formulation cleans injectors, destroys harmful particles, breaks desposits loose, and removes accumulated corrosion. One 155ml bottle is enough to get quick results with a Jeep Wrangler JK/JL. Pour one bottle in a full tank of gas and keep driving until you get a low gas tank warning light on. That's it.

Note: If your mileage is over 50.000 miles / 80.000 km, repeat it twice (2 bottles). Product # : STP 78568


Price $8 - $10


Step 2. STP Gas Treatment 155ml

Dissolves varnishes and gumsSTP Gas Treatment Bottle

Once you got rid of solid deposits, it's now time to dissolve unwanted solvants and gummy deposits. This second product is designed to eliminate varnish impurities, petrol gum deposits, and water too. You get those contaminants mostly when you buy gas from suspicious gas stations (for example when fuel tanks have been contaminated with rain water or their integrity been compromised after decades of use). If the fuel system of your Jeep has never been treated against water, carbon, and varnishes, this is the miracle product you need. Pour one bottle (155ml) in a full tank of gas and drive until it's empty. Voilà.

Price $10 - $20


Step 3. STP Water Remover Fuel Tank 155ml

STP Fuel Water Remover Jeep Wrangler Tank

This bottle is not to be used right away but later during your expedition or long-time stay in the remote wilderness. It removes water from the fuel tank, fuel line, and injectors like the STP Gas Treatment formula (the red bottle) but in a much more aggressive manner. It literally "burns" water and dries up condensation before it corrodes the fuel system.

1. When you fill your tank repeatedly in various remote communities, getting water–contaminated fuel is not a possibility but a guarantee. After a while, you will feel that your Jeep takes longer to start, or hesitates when you try to accelerate.

2. Having fuel mixed with water makes your fuel line freeze in cold weather. Most car drivers think that gasoline may freeze in very cold temperature but it's actually the water that freezes first. I'm used to drive a Jeep when temperature drops below -40 Fahrenheit / -40 Celcius but haven't experienced any more problems with frozen gasoline since I've started using STP Water Remover (from time to time).

3. Water fording might be an issue too (if you constantly flood the air breather tubes tube and/or get water splasing into the engine air intake).

Product # : STP 78572

Price $7 - $15
STP Water Remover



One quick word about the fuel filter

Why not replacing the fuel filter too? Wait!

1. First, your Jeep Wrangler JK or JL has 2 fuel filters (not only one). And replacing them is a pain in the ass because it requires you to drop the fuel tank in order to access the fuel pump modules. I wouldn't recommend a Jeeper to do it by himself. Go to an auto repair shop and expect to pay $300.

2. Using STP Fuel System Clean + STP Gas Treatment bottles will normally clean the filters too (at a certain point). I would try it before going to an auto repair shop.

3. If you are using an OBD2 code checker (like Innova 3100 Diagnostic Tool), it might say it's time to replace the filters. I'm not a mechanic but before replacing them, I think you should treat your fuel system with the STP bottles and get a second OBD2 reading later (after emptying 3 or 4 tanks of gas).

4. There's no maintenance schedule for the fuel filters. You have to replace them when the OBD2 says to do it. But in my experience, they normally last at least 60.000 miles / 100.000 km.


Jeep Wrangler Scouting Alaska




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