Useful for the Solo Jeeper in the Remote Wilderness

Tips and Tricks Wrangler JK


Optimize the safety, usability, comfort, and performance of your Wrangler JK before you start a long journey in the wilderness. The following are nine tips, tricks and cool things to know that could help you to reduce discomfort, feel safer, and make better purchase decisions.


When I started wandering alone in the remote wilderness, many things annoyed me to the point I considered to just stop and find something else to do with my life. My Jeep was my only traveling companion, and we had a love-hate relationship. That’s mainly because I made several mistakes with my first rig. For example, my front bumper had poor approach and departure angles. I also used to over-armor everything. I was actually driving a gas-guzzling massive tank that was always stuck (deep) in something. But! Year after year, I found new ways to customize a Jeep until it becomes an unstoppable off-road vehicle and a comfy mini RV on the trail.


The Lone Jeeper Off-Road Lifestyle


Get some extra knowledge before you hit the trail for good. These tips and tricks could save you a lot of hassles and help improve your overall experience.




9 Out-of-the-Box Tips & Tricks for the Aspiring Lone Jeeper

Ingenious Tricks for Jeep Wrangler JK 2007-2018

This page is a collection of lessons I have picked up from all those years I have spent sleeping in a Wrangler JK, driving it on the worst trails, and facing stupid problems.

12V Rear Outlet Wrangler JK

12V Cargo Outlet

Power the 12V outlet without turning the key

Make the rear outlet always on

You don’t have to splice into your wiring to power the rear outlet. Additional tips to use the outlet without fear when the engine is not running.

Recessed Winch Mount Wrangler JK

Mounting Your Winch

Why you should avoid mounting a

Winch on the Factory Bumper

It costs only $200 more to get a cool, easy-to-install, and strong front bumper that already comes with a recessed winch mount.


Difference Stubby and Full Width Bumper

Front Bumper Types JK

Choose the right bumper for an expedition

Stubby vs. Full Bumpers

Stubby, modular, and full width bumpers are made to serve different purposes. It’s not about money but about the type of terrain you want to explore.


Deep Water Fording

How to wade through creeks, pounds and rivers

Increase water fording capability Wrangler JK

A Jeep can safely ford in 18 inches of water but you can increase its capability to 30 inches by just waterproofing key components + extending breather hoses.

Straighten Steering Wheel

It's easy to correct the steering of a Jeep

How to Center Steering Wheel Wrangler JK

Correct an off-center steering wheel after some severe off-roading on bumpy roads and potholed trails. You only need a 15mm socket, a ratchet and your two hands.

Windshield Washer

Get rid of dust, mud, insects, frost & ice

Best Off-Road Windshield Washer Fluid in Extreme Cold

A 5-in-1 windshield washer fluid for heavy off-road use that still does the job when the temperature drops below -40 C (-40F).

Weigths vs Stock JK

Detailed chart of OEM Parts

Weights of Factory Parts JK

Before replacing factory parts with upgrades you may want to know if you are actually increasing or decreasing the gross weight of your Wrangler JK.

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