Become a Lone Jeeper

How to Prepare a Jeep Expedition (12 Steps)

A Beginner's Guide to Solo Long-Distance Expeditions with a Wrangler JK, Rubicon or Wrangler JL (2-Doors)



Whether you plan a solo Wrangler expedition, want to get a job in the remote wilderness, or just wish to bug out from your current life like me, remember that driving a Jeep alone, unsupported, and unassisted in the backcountry is a risky and unpredictable adventure. Go ill-prepared, make a poor decision, or just be very unlucky, and you might never be able to hold a spoon again. Or worse. Even the most experienced and alert guys driving heavily modded Jeeps eventually get stranded, or face hazardous situations. Lone jeeping is the real deal.


The fact is that you will expose yourself to things the typical Jeep owner will never face : premature drivetrain failure, impassable obstacles, heavy rains, flooded or snow-jammed trails, inexplicably closed gates, wildfires, dangerous wildlife, and atavistic fears. There will be no spotter to scan for hazards, no professional mechanic to fix your vehicle, no more spare parts/tools/supplies than those you already carry, no vehicle available to tow your Jeep to the nearest repair shop, and no first aid support. For all those reasons, you should never hit the trail alone. But, if you still make the reckless and challenging decision to go alone, I will enjoy sharing my personal strategies with you.


Jeep Solo Off-Roading


Get some extra knowldege before you hit the trail for good. These tips and tricks could save you a lot of hassles and help improve your overall experience.


12 Out-of-the-Box Tricks & Tips for the Aspiring Lone Jeeper

Creative Ideas for Jeep Wrangler JK/JL

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How to prepare for a solo long-distance Wrangler expedition in 12 Steps

Become a Lone Jeeper Like Me

Reduce your Payload

Before you go

1- How to Reduce Weight

Balance your payload, improve your traction, save on gas, get unstuck faster, and reduce premature wear to your Jeep's most vulnerable and vital components.

Sleep in Wrangler JK 2-Doors

Turn your JK Into a Camper

How to build a bed for less than $200

2- Sleep in a 2-Door Wrangler JK/JL

Maximize your space, fit a mattress in the cargo area, stay warm (and safe!) and have a good night's sleep in the remote wilderness like no one else.

Storage Wrangler JK for Long Expedition

STORAGE for 30 Days

Tools, Recovery Gear, Clothes & Supplies

3- Storage for a long expedition

Increase the interior capacity by a factor of 10 without even using the rear floor of your 2-Door JK/JL. Organize everything you need for a 30-day journey.

Trail Tool Kit Wrangler JK

TRAIL Tool Kit

The definitive list to gear up

4- Minimalist Tool Kit Wrangler JK/JL

Minimal off-road checklist for a long term expedition, or a permanent stay in remote communities where auto repair shops are scarce or non-existent.

Spare Parts Off-Road Wrangler JK

Most Essential Spare Parts

What to carry for a solo expedition

5- Spare Parts Wrangler JK/JL

If you don't know where to start, here is a list of the most common spare parts I carry in the remote wilderness at all times. Total weight: 6 lbs.

Recovery Gear Kit Wrangler JK

Recovery Gear

Carry everything in one bag

6- Expedition Recovery Gear Kit

A recovery kit that is easy to handle by a solo Jeeper sranded in some forsaken areas. Get unstuck without having to be a seasoned off-road driver.

Bug-out-bag for a Jeep

Bug-Out-Bag 12.5 Lbs

Stuck for good or need to run away?

7- Bug-Out-Bag Offroad

Leaving your Jeep behind for several days is a constant possibility. This ultralight backpack has everything ready for a four-day / 100 km hike.

STP Fuel Optimization Jeep Wrangler

Optimize Fuel System

Jeep Wrangler fuel system maintenance for $40

8- Tune-Up Fuel System

Clean injectors, improve fuel efficiency, and remove water + condensation. A cheap and effective fuel system tune-up.

SSB CB Radio


Why your need a Bearcat 980SSB like mine

9- SSB CB Radio

An SSB CB Radio has an increased range of 300% compared to a typical 4-Watt CB Radio. Properly installed and tuned, an SSB is a blast on the trail.


Marlin Trapper Red Jeep Wrangler JK

Marlin 1895 Trapper 7.0 Lbs

Wildlife protection... and maybe more

10- How to protect yourself

Why you absolutely need to carry a firearm when wheeling alone in the remote wilderness and what firearm you should get.

Clothing for a Jeep Expedition

Essential Gear and Clothes

Jacket, tactical pants, flannel shirt and boots

11- How to dress

Clothing and boots for a long-term stay in the remote wilderness with your Jeep Wrangler JK/JL or other 4x4 vehicles.

Portable Shower Jeep Wrangler Waterport

Waterport Shower

Pressurized hitch-mounted water tank

12- How to shower

A hassle-free product that will help you maintain good personal hygiene. Easy to use and provides enoug water for 2 good showers.