Best Affordable Essential Accessories and Upgrades for Wrangler JK/JKU, Rubicon, Wrangler JL/JLU or Jeep Gladiator Canada & USA Shipping

Expedition Accessories Wrangler JK/JKU/JL/JLU & Gladiator


Cheap, useful, and lightweight stuff I think solo off-roaders should carry on the trail. Some are lifesavers, others just make life easier. Please note: if you rather need replacement parts, visit this page : Replacements-Parts-Wrangler-JK.html


Trip Accessories Jeep Wrangler JK JL for Off-Road Exploration


A very short list of awesome must-haves designed for lone Jeepers on a budget


Red Jeep 4x4 Remote Wilderness Adventure


Make sure you are equipped for the kind of adventure you are about to face in the remote wilderness. And a bit of shopping will cheer you up before you hit the trail for good.


Useful Products for a Jeep Wrangler JK and JL

Because these items have made a difference for me during countless expeditions in the remote Canadian wilderness

Phone Signal Booster Off-Road Wilderness Jeep

Off-road Phone Booster

USA & Canada

WeBoost Cell Phone Booster

Extend the reach of cell phone coverage in the wilderness by up to 20 km (12 mi). It’s easy to install on a Jeep, and the whole kit weighs only 5 lbs.



Fog Lights Xprite Wrangler JK

Off-Road Light Pattern

Xprite provides longer and wider beams

Fog Lights for Trail Use

Less than $60 for a pair and direct-fit installation (4-inch bumper sockets). Increase available lumens from 590 to 900+.


GoTreads Small Traction Aids

foldable traction Aids

Compact mats designed for mud and snow

GoTreads Traction Mats

The lightest heavy duty traction aids on the trail : 11.5 lbs. a pair. Military grade and indestructible material for severe off-road use with a Jeep Wrangler JK JL 2-Door.


Jeep Binoculars

Off-roadinG Binoculars

Though and compact Bushnell binoculars

Binoculars for Off-Road Use

You don't have a spotter when you wheel alone. Add an extra layer of safety on the trail with those incredible 10x42 binoculars especially designed for 4x4 off-road use.

Lens Licence Plate Wrangler

Coverking Sunshade

Best windshield sunshade for a Wrangler JK/JKU

Windshield Sun Shade

Protect your vital communication devices and against high temperature, sleep better in your Jeep during the day or extend the life of your food supplies.

Rock Side Guard Jeep JK 2 Doors

Budget Rocker Guards JK 2D

Rugged Ridge 1165106

Side Rocker Guards (Panels)

Protects your paint against rocks/stray branches, provides a unique look, and increases the body torsional rigidity of your Wrangler JK 2-Doors.


Overhead Storage Wrangler JK

Storage Compartments

Over 300 cubic inches of extra storage

VDP Overhead Storage Console

Strongly attached to the sports bar and comes with sturdy trap doors that will stay firmly closed during extreme off-roading. Fits any Wrangler JK, JKU & JL.

Mechanix Off-Road Gloves

OFf-Road Gloves

Mechanix Thermoplastic Protective Gloves

MPact Gloves with XRD Padding

Protect your knuckles and fingers during an off-road vehicle recovery process. Don't expose your hands to impacts, cuts, steel wire, or bad rope burns.

Waterport Portable Shower Jeep Wrangler

Jeep Portable Shower

Trailer Hitch Mounted Shower

WaterPort Tank Shower

3.3 gallons of pressurized water available for a morning shower, or to clean muddy boots or the dishes. Includes a 6ft hose + pressure regulator.


Cabin Air Filter Wrangler JK

High Quality Cabin Air Filter

Replacement Filter made by Arm & Hammer

Air Cabin Filter

Upgrade the filter before facing the worst trail conditions. Keep dusts, germs, pollen, insects and allergens out of your Jeep during a long stay in the bush.


Cabin Air Filter Wrangler JK

Chrome Fire Extinguisher

Best Fire Extinguisher for an Off-Road Expedition

Fire Extinguisher

An aircraft-grade agent that will extinguish electrical, grease or oil fires quickly without damaging vital Jeep components. Save your wheels in the bush with this made in USA product.

Hooke Road Holder

Store and carry fire protection in the bush

Fire Extinguisher Holder

A strong and reliable holder that will keep the fire extinguisher in place on rough terrain. Strap it tightly around the sports bar and you're ready to go.


Big Filter Air Intake Jeep Wrangler

Spectre Manifold Air Intake

Upgrade the stock air intake in less than 10 min

Air Intake

A cheap but durable cool air intake that will do the job in the bush for your Wrangler. Add some horsepower and enjoy a BIG air filter that keeps dust outside the engine.

3.5 Lift Kit Jeep Wrangler JK

Rugged Ridge Lift Kit

A cheap but strong and durable lift kit

3.5'' Lift Kit

Wrangler lift kits cost a fortune these days and you can't compromise on quality when you're into wheeling on extreme terrain. The Rugged Ridge ORV comes as an alternative.


Apollointech Switch Panel

DIY 6-switch paner for a Wrangler JK or JL

Overhead Switch Panel

Operate CB radio, phone signal booster, winch, on-board air compressor, hood light bar, auxiliary rear led lights, etc. and monitor



Carrier for Oversized Tire Wrangler

Smittybilt Tire Carrier 2743

Cheap mount for oversized tires

Tire Carrier for 34''-37'' Tires

Don't bust the tailgate door with an oversized tire. This carrier is light, sturdy, reliable, affordable and easy to install by yourself. It's also equipped with a red light.

Doorstep Wrangler JK

Sill Guards Wrangler

Lightweight aluminum door sill protection

Door Step Protection

Covers are a great addition if you want to keep your door steps scratchless because wheeling in the wilderness requires Jeepers to frequently jump in and out. And it takes a toll!

Knob Cover Wrangler Buttons

Danti knob Covers

Non-slip button protectors

Dash Button Covers

Get more grip on the heater, A/C unit and fan buttons while wheeling on extreme terrain. Will also protect the factory button against premature wear. And it's beautiful to see!

Fiberglass Aftermarket Hood Wrangler JK

Xprite USA HooD JK

No drilling installation

Fiberglass Hood

Get more ventilation and upscale the look of your Wrangler JK. This ultralight fiberglass hood is also a must is you want to reduce the weight of your Jeep.


Bosch Icon Wipers

Be safe during an ice storm on the trail

Winter Wipers

One of the most popular wipers in the Yukon (Canada). Strong down-force that gets rid of icy snow. You won't have to spend your days stopping on the trail and use an ice scraper.


trico Ice Wipers

Wipers for off-roading in extreme temperature

Wipers for Extreme Cold

Wiper that won't freeze or make streaks on your windshield when you wheel by minus -40 degrees.They are the best blades never made by Trico. A bit hard to find but cheap!