Heavy Duty Wipers and Windshield Fluid for a Jeep Wrangler JK/JKU/JL/JLU and Jeep Gladiator

Best Windshield Washer and Wipers for Extreme Off-Road Use

Nextzett Windshield Washer and Trico Wipers are the perfect combo for a Wrangler JK/JKU in the bush (summertime).


I'm driving a Jeep for a living in the remote Canadian wilderness and using at least 12 gallons of windshied fluid during every summer.

Windshield Washer Off-Road Dusty Conditions


No Jeeper or any other 4x4 vehicle driver should impair his vision. I'm myself a heavy windshield washer fluid user in Yukon and British Columbia (Canada).


Clean Windshield Wrangler JK on a Logging Road


Best Windshield Washer for Jeep Adventures

The problem you face in the wilderness is that you never know what to expect and the conditions are constantly changing. Bugs, mud, dust, wildfire smokes, trail debris, bird droppings, tree sap, etc. accumulate on the windshield and reduce your vision to a point it becomes a hazard on the trail. What you need is a one-fit-all solution.

Most weekend wheelers trust popular fluids like Prestone Bug Wash, Rain-X Bug Remover, Windex Autp Summer, or Simoniz Summer. But if you plan a long-distance expedition or a long-term stay in the bush, don't waste your time (and money). Wheelers who strongly believe in those products haven't spent a full week driving on an unmaintained logging road in their life for sure. Those products are just made of cheap poisonous alcohol (called methanol), ethylene glycol, water and colorant (industrial dye). It costs only 25 cents to produce 1 gallon of that thing (including the plastic bottle) and consumers buy it for $4 or 5$. Do not expect miracles. It's a dollar store product and nothing else.

Nextzett Kristallklar (made in Germany)

Nextzett Bug Remover Windshield Fluid


1. Compact dimensions : This small bottle is 8.5'' x 2'' x 2'' (inches), weighs only 0.6 lbs. and contains 250 ml.

2. One bottle makes 12 full tanks : Driving in extreme wilderness requires A LOT of windshield fluid. But on my side, this little bottle lasts for the whole summer.

3. Doesn't require to be dissolved : Just mix it directly in the reservoir (with clean or filtered water you may find along the trail) and drive for a while (5 minutes). You don't need to shake it vigorously in a jug before pouring it (compared to many other concentrates).

4. Super effective : It removes road grime, insects, dust, etc. for real with just a few sprays. Contains a chemical named "R)-P-Mentha-1,8-Diene" which is an extremely powerful detergent.

5. Eco-friendly : You don't spread toxic in the wilderness. It contains only biodegradable ingredients like benzisothiazolin (a fungicide agent).

6. Doesn't damage paint or softtop

7. Unclogs hoses and nozzles : Contains softeners that help your system to get rid of debris, dirt, and hard minerals. Extends the life of your pump.

8. More grip for your wipers : Cheap commercial windshield washer fluids make your wipers "skipping" while Nextzett Kristallklar increases the friction.

* Tip : It's also a powerful degreaser. You can use it to remove oil and grease during trail repairs (if needed).


Best Windshield Washer for 4x4 Trails


Kristall Klar 100% Non-Toxic Windshield Fluid for Off-Road Use 250ml

Manufactured by: Nextzett Germany
Model: 92100815
5.00 stars based on 4 reviews
$15.00 New




Best Wipers Trico Wrangler JK Off-Roading


Best Wipers for a Wrangler JK in the Bush

Trico Wipers Wrangler JK

I must say that constantly wiping dust and mud out takes a toll on wipers. You better upgrade. I personally trust Trico Force Beam Blade - 15" Model 25-150 for my Wrangler JK 2-Doors. They are so resistant that I only replace them once a year. Blades are made of durable genuine rubber (not cheap silicone). Easy installation and super strong hooks, bayonets, and arms. SKU BGHG25-150. Only $25 (or less) for a pair.




Trico Force Wipers Wrangler JK



Winter Wipers

Looking for wipers to be used during winter? My choice is Trico ICE (See Best Wipers for Extremely Cold Weather Wrangler JK)



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