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Best Affordable LED Fog Lights for Off-Road Use

Red Halo Cree Led Fog Lights 4'' inch from XPRITE


Xenon, LED,and HID lights from quality brands like PIAA, KC HiLiTES, Delta, or Recon are great, but they come at a price. Get ready to spend $150, $200, $400, $500, or even more. Of course, cheaper products exist, but most are worthless junk. Because I wanted to save money at first, I ended up wasting s**t loads of money on garbage fog lights and bulbs. Anyway, the Web is scattered with one-star reviews I wrote about dollarstore–quality products, but I finally made a discovery in 2018, and I warmly recommend that you give this affordable kit a try: Xprite 30W Fog Lights.

Jeep Solo Off-Roading


Prepare your first expedition with your Jeep in the extreme remote wilderness. Scary and dangerous patches of fog are common and sometimes you can’t just wait for days until they slowly disappear. You need to move now.


Xprite Halo Red Fog Lights

Xprite 4-inch 2x30 Watts FL-R4IN-G2-DRL-W

8 reasons why I love these Fog Lights

Xprite Fog Lights for JK

1. Plug-and-play installation

2. Adapter and wiring included

3. Doesn’t blind incoming traffic on the trail

4. Pretty effective at penetrating the fog

5. Lights side-ditches on the trail even if recessed in my bumper

6. Supplements headlights adequately

7. Almost submersible—rated IP65 = 12.5 litres of water projected directly against the enclosure (from any direction) from a nozzle for 15 minutes

8. Costs less than $75 (including shipping)


Note: On luxury cars, fog lights are a marketing thing mainly because they have to be used at the same time as powerful headlights. That combination makes the light bounce back from the fog itself, compromising the efficiency of the fog lights. But on a Wrangler JK, the headlights are notoriously weak (low beam = 700 lumens; high beam = 1200 lumens). On foggy trails, having weak headlights is an advantage (under the condition that you are using low-profile and more powerful fog lights than the factory ones). Some guys install a switch to turn off the headlights while using the fog lights. It’s effective, but to my knowledge it’s illegal in every state and province.

Are "cheap” " fog lights worth it?

How many lumens for the Factory Fog Lights


Xprite Led Fog Lights

Xprite Fog Lights


Definition 1 Lux = 1 lumen per M²

Test conducted at 4 meters with Lux Lightmeter App on Iphone 6S Plus.

Of course, the $4 Luxmeter app cannot replace a professional measuring device, but the difference is quite obvious.

Fog Lights Wrangler JK Thick Fog Yukon

*One of those extremely foggy nights in the Yukon. I'm stopping at high altitude tonight to get a deserved rest after a 100 mile drive on forsaken logging roads.


Cree Xprite 4" 60W (30W ecach) Fog Lights LED

Manufactured by: Xprite USA
Model: FL-R4IN-60W-DRL-R-5
4.75 stars based on 12 reviews
$69.99 New

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