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Discount Rugged Ridge ORV 3.5 Complete Lift Kit for a Jeep Wrangler JK/JKU

Best Cheap 3.5'' Lift Kit for Rough Terrain

No money but want to increase clearance on the trail? This cheap lift kit from Rugged Ridge is very popular on the Jeep scene here in Yukon and British Columbia (Canada). And will transform your Wrangler into a better overland vehicle for a long-distance offroad expedition.


Cheap 3.5 Lift Kit Rugged Ridge Wrangler JK

  • Rugged Ridge Adjustable 2.5'' - 3.5'' Lift Kit
  • Product Review
  • It's not a "basic" lift kit because it comes with specs and some quality parts that normally belong to luxury lift kit manufacturers like Teraflex, Rough Country, Skyjacker or AEV.
  • First of all, it's 4x powder coated for best corrosion resistant (and water fording). Second, it has a rear track bar brace that adds more strength to the factory track bar mount (an amazing idea for a lift sold for less than $1000). Third, the shock absorbers are nitrogen-charged and give you a smoother ride in the bush for sure. You don't have valves to adjust since if comes with self-adjusting ones. Fourth, the springs are made with a memory metal (called ductile iron). That adds strength and elevates the breaking point to a very high ratio. Perfect for rock crawling. Fifth, it's a direct-fit installation. No drilling, no add-ons, no customization. Will work with any stock Wrangler JK. Sixth, you won't have to upgrade your axles. You only need to perform a complete "professional" alignment afterward at your local auto repair shop. Seventh, it has a 5 year warranty on all parts.

The manufacturer's manual recommends some reinforcement welds (particularly for the rear track bar mount). It's not 100% necessary but if a buddy of yours can perform such a weld, I would recommend you to do it right off the bat (I mean before a long distance expedition or moving for work to a remote location).

The 2.5'' lift kit will accomodate 33" tires (in rough trail conditions).

The 3.5'' lift kit will accomodate 35" tires (in rough trail conditions).


Affodable Lift Kit for a Long Distance Expedition with a Wrangler JK

This is what a 3.5'' Lift Kit looks like with 34'' Tires on a Wrangler JK 2 Doors

3.5 Lift Kit Installed on an Overland Wrangler JK



Budget 3.5'' Lift Kit for an Expedition Wrangler JK/JKU

The Rugged Ridge team was creative and they succeeded to put an interesting kit of parts together that work great. That kit has become very popular on the Jeep scene of British Columbia and Yukon (Canada) over the last year for three reasons : it's cheap, easy to install, and it does the job in the remote wilderness.

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Rugged Ridge 18415.50 ORV 2.5'' to 3'5'' Added Clearance from the Ground

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$850.00 New (or less)





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