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Compact and Ultralight Traction Aids for Wrangler JK/JKU, Wrangler JL/JLU and Jeep Gladiator

GoTreads: Best Traction Mats for a Jeep

Small, foldable, light, and military grade tire traction mats for extensive off-road use.


A long-distance off-road expedition requires a lot of gear and supplies. If you are traveling with a Jeep Wrangler 2-Doors or any other small size off-road vehicle, you have to deal with a lack of storage space and a limited payload capacity. But as an overlander, you still need reliable and working traction mats.

GoTreads Traction Mats on Wrangler JK Hood


Prepare your first expedition with your Jeep in the extreme remote wilderness. I consider Go Treads Traction Device as a key component of my recovery gear kit when it comes to get unstuck from mud, sand, and snow.


GoTreads Traction Aids for Jeep 2 Doors


Go Treads Traction Device (Made in USA)

First off, no, GoTreads is not the best traction mat on the market for the 4X4 adventurers. There are traction aids like HD Sand Ladders (aluminum), Crux Offroad (aluminum again), TRED Pro (heavy-duty rubber), and MaxTrax MKII (reinforced nylon) that I consider superior products compared to what I'm personally using. But there is a catch: those quality products are 1) super expensive 2) heavy 3) cumbersome 4) hard to store inside or outside a Jeep. Since I've always refused to add a roof rack to my Wrangler JK 2-Door because I strongly believe in the benefits of being a lightweight on the trail (read Why Reducing the Weight of your Jeep), there is only one product that works for me: a pair of foldable GoTreads.


Go Treads Traction Pair

Dimensions (inches) : 46'' x 9'' x 1'' / When Folded 12'' x 9'' x 4''

Weight : 5.8 lbs. (each)



Foldable Traction Mats for Off-Road Use


9 Reasons for a Lone Jeeper to Buy these Foldable Ladders


1. Indestructible : Was initially invented for military purposes to unstuck super heavy vehicles from mud, gravel, sand, ice or snow. Withstands tons of pounding forces. It won't break on the trail and leave you stranded for good.

2. Compact : Folds up in a small bag or storage compartment.

3. Ultralight : Weighs only 11.6 lbs. for a pair. Helps a Jeeper to preserve his payload capacity for other purposes (like tools, spare parts, supplies, water, fuel, etc.).

4. Easy to clean : Debris and mud won't stick to the surface.

5. Resists to extreme cold weather : -40 Celcius/Fahrenheit won't be a problem. It's a trusted product in the trucking industry of Alberta and Yukon (Canada).

6. Usable in folded position too! : Yes, you can create various designs to get more grip under certains circumstances.

7. Made in USA (since 1975) : Over the years, I've seen numerous Made in China traction mats in action on the off-road scene. Many products (sold for less than $99) imitate the look, thickness, and sturdiness of high quality American and Australian tire grip pads/mats/ladders. It looks strong but actually made out of fragile plastic. If you go that route no matter what, get prepared to break it (generally the first day you need it for real). Working in remote areas or an overland expedition requires a high level of preparation. Hitting the trail without reliable traction aids could get you stranded on some God-forsaken trail for days.
8. Reasonnable price : Less than $200 for a pair but could be found for less than $150 if you spend some time shopping online. It's also 30% to 50% cheaper than any other pro traction mats available on the market.

9. Lifetime warranty : If you succeed to break it, the manufacturer guarantees to replace it.


Traction Tire Pads for Snow Wrangler JK

Where to buy

Despite so many Five Star Reviews, that product isn't widely spread and only a handful of retailers carry them. And because of the growing popularity of the GoTreads on the off-road scene, it's often "out-of-stock". But I warmly recommend Jeep owners to be patient and wait until it's available again.


GoTreads Professional Gripping Mats

Manufactured by: Pinto USA
Model: GT9-2PK-BLK
5.00 stars based on 25 reviews
$119 New
Blue Ridge



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