Arm & Hammer Fram Cabin Filter for a Jeep Wrangler JK, Wrangler JL and Gladiator

Best Air Cabin Filter for an Expedition

A Jeeper shouldn't ignore the benefits of replacing the air cabin filter before going on a long-distance expedition.


Don't become ill on the trail because of a lack of hygiene. Especially if you plan to sleep in your Jeep.

Replacement Air Cabin Filter Wrangler JK


A quality cabin air filter keeps a lot of germs, pollen, insects, and allergens out of your 4x4 vehicle.


Dust on logging road driving my Jeep Wrangler JK


Why replacing the cabin air filter before an expedition


The cabin air filter is the most overlooked component on the Jeep scene. You guys never want to spend a dime on it. It might work to NEVER replace it if you just enjoy wheeling during the weekend with the windows rolled down or topless. But if you plan a long-distance expedition or a long stay in the remote wilderness, your dream journey could turn into a nightmare.

1. Your Jeep will turn into an incredible mess : You can see everywhere on my website or my Facebook page that I rarely roll down my windows. If you don't care, your Jeep will trap a lot of dusts, flying debris, insects, leaves, acorns, etc. It won't take long before you hate your new lifestyle. A hiker can wash his clothes on long hikes. But you can't wash your Jeep. And you won't have a vacuum cleaner either. On my side, driving a clean Jeep lifts my spirits on a daily basis.

2. Harmful respiratory conditions : An expedition will require you to spend a lot of time in your Jeep and hygiene matters because pollen, allergens, germs and insects impact human health. Having asthma or any other respiratory condition on the trail will disable you in some way. So, you should do your best to not spread particules and organic matters all over the cabin.

Dusty Road Air Filter Wrangler JK

3. Water trucks are super scarce : Yes, they exist in Alaska, Yukon, Northwest Territories and other regions. But watering dusty roads for long distance is really expensive and a single watering (when they occur) may be effective for only a few hours.



4. Fuel efficiency : A clogged filter will force the air conditioner or the heater to work harder to push air through the membrane. As a result, your Jeep will burn more gas. And gas is the most valuable resource in the wilderness because gas stations are scarce and a Jeep doesn't allow you to carry much extra fuel on the trail (I personally carry two 1.75 Gallon Rotopax on the tire carrier). That one quart of fuel you don't waste might save your butt one day.

Decrease Fuel Consumption for your Wrangler JK with a Brand New Cabin Air Filter

5. Wildfires : Off-road adventurers and remote workers know how dangerous (and scary) wildfires are during the summer. When you have to drive nearby or across a wildfire, you need to keep cabin air as clean possible because that smoke is incredibly hard to breathe. It contains extremely toxic gases and clouds of particles from burning trees that irritate your eyes and respiratory system very quickly. And the surroundings of wildfires are very hot (40 Celcius / 100 Fahrenheit and more), even if you are wheeling 1 mile away from the closest visible flames. So, while you run the air conditioner at maximum power, make sure a quality air filter is keeping most fumes and particles out.


FRAM CF11777 Air Filter Wrangler JK 2-Doors


Soda Replacement Air Cabin Filter Wrangler JK & Unlimited

Direct-fit twin filters (easy to install, the compartment is located behind the glove box of your Jeep JK). The baking soda absords pollen and germs while the carbon membrane blocks debris, dusts and particles. Great air flow and natural smell (no perfume). Fits JK 2-Doors and JKU 4-Doors 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018




Air Cabin Filter Fresh Breeze Baking Soda for Jeep JK and Unlimited

Manufactured by: Arm & Hammer USA
Model: FRAM CF11777
4.80 stars based on 283 reviews
$30.00 New (or less)



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