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Discount Bosch Icon 15'' Wipers for a Jeep Wrangler JK/JKU/JL/JLU and Jeep Gladiator

Best Winter Wipers

Increase visibility during ice storms and get more resistance against ice/snow in sub-zero temperatures. Transform your Wrangler into an overland vehicle for a long-distance offroad expedition.


Winter Wipers Bosch Icon


  • Bosch Icon Wipers 15A
  • Product Review
  • Probably the best solution for long distance winter expeditions (in mild winter temperatures / ex -25 Degrees Celcius) is the Bosch Icon 15''. Comes with tension springs that keep the wiper wiping heavy snow and slush for months without losing its strength. Those springs are probably 300% stronger than the factory ones. You can identify poor quality wipers when there are zones on your windshield that look cleaner than others. That's because the pressure is greater or lesser depending on the way your arms, coils and springs are constructed and operate all together. When ice and snow form on your window, the Bosch Icon works great because the pressure is well balanced at any angle.
  • Using Bosch Icon Wipers on a Snowy Trail BC Canada
  • - Another typical winter day on the trail in Canada.

  • Another reason why I like them is because you can keep using those wipers during the hot summers because the rubbers are very heat and UV resistant (it's high quality here, not the typical cheap stuff you can get a your local auto repair shop). They are perfect to wipe mud and sand for a long period of time.

  • But those wipers have an annoying side too : since it's an atypical product, you might find it difficult to install it the first time if you already have years of experience installing wipers from common brands like RainX Reflex MotoMaster PIAA ACDelco Michelin Anco etc. on various cars and trucks. It can become frustrating to struggle with frozen fingers in cold weather, during a snow storm, or at night. Especially if you don't have an internet connection allowing you to watch Youtube instruction videos. You can also break the clip (the component that has to be attached to the locking mechanism) if you insist like crazy altough it won't fit.

  • On the other hand, the locking mechanism is awesome. It has a perpendicular clip piece that maintains each wiper in place when you hit stray branches while wheeling in the woods.

Wipers for Winter Conditions Wrangler JK JL


Best wipers in cold winter Wrangler JK 2 Doors

Best Winter Wipers Jeep JK



Best Wipers for Extreme Cold and Ice Storms

Weather Shielded Connector (a unique shield protects the arm connection from ice and snow build-up). Aerodynamic Wind Spoiler (optimizes down-force to hold blade firmly to the windshield). Exclusive FX Dual Rubber Compount (up to 40% longer life than other premium blades... resists head and ozone deterioration to remain flexible during the cold winter). Dual precision-tensioned steel spring (customized fit for top performance).

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Bosch 15A ICON Wiper Blade - 15" *You need to buy a pair because this is sold as single units

4.9 stars based on 15 reviews
$20.00 New (or less)

Bosch Icon Wipers






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