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Spectre Performance 9007 Aluminum Air Intake with Big Air Filter for a Jeep Wrangler JK/JKU

Best Cheap Air Intake Kit for an Overland Wrangler JK/JKU

Add a throaty new sound to your Jeep Wrangler and protect your engine from harmful debris you'll face on the trail.


Cheap Air Intake for Overland Wrangler JK JKU

  • Spectre Engine Manifold Air Intake Kit for a Wrangler JK/JKU or Rubicon
  • Product Review
  • Preparing a long-distance expedition in the bush and to move to the remote wilderness for work? A bigger air intake with a more sophisticated air filter is a key-component that you can install by yourself. But what to buy? This product from Spectre Performance is not aggressively priced fort its quality. For less than $150 you get 1) A genuine polished aluminum tube. 2) A very heat resistant coated tube and filter. 3) Better quality clamps, screws and boots compared to the hardware coming with the Wrangler JK factory air intake. 4) A big filter that won't fall loose after weeks of driving on extreme terrain (make sure to tighten the clamps very well during the initial installation). 5) The cheapest and easiest way to add horsepower and torque to your rig before you hit the trail for good. Why? Because a "bigger air filter" provides less "airflow restriction" compared to the smaller stock filter. It's that simple.
  • Full disclosure : I personally have the Mopar 77070052 Cold Air Intake (see it on USA Canada UK), which is considered to be of better quality and easier to clean (using water and soap only). But the Spectre Performance is the same weight, delivers similar performances, costs 50% less, and remains a popular/trusted on the Jeep scene here in British Columbia and Yukon (Canada).


Air Intake Kit for Wrangler JK in Dust Country

Color : the filter on this picture is red but it's also available in blue or black.

Spectre Air Intake Kit Red Filter Wrangler JK 2 Doors

Best Cheap Engine Air Filter Against Dust Wrangler JK



Spectre Performance Affordable Air Intake Kit

    The ultimate budget air intake kit : increases horsepower and gives a nice growl to your Jeep. However, don't expect change when it comes to gas mileage (some other air intake manufacturers pretend their product decreases gas consumption but I'm skeptical).

    The included Spectre Filter is also of superior quality compared to the typical K&N Filter you can get at Canadian Tire or JC Whitney (in my personal opinion and experience).

    One tip : use vaseline or the grease gun (and NOT WD40 lubricant) to lube the new grommet before you install it.

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Spectre Performance Cold Air Intake Kit Model 9007

4.2 stars based on 125 reviews
$150.00 New (or less)





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