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Rubber Seal and Retainers Rear Window Wrangler JK 2D 4D

Best Replacement Tailgate Bar SoftopWrangler JK/JKU/Rubicon

5 options: Bestop 5260101 I Mopar 55395757AC (OEM) I Omix-Ada 55395757AE I Smittybilt 91205 I Rampage 87135


That factory tailgate bar is certainly not the weakest part of a Jeep Wrangler. It's a durable and reliable component that strongly holds the rear vinyl window in place. But if, like me, you keep opening/closing the rear door and unzipping the rear window like crazy, the rubber seal will suffer premature wear and lose its weatherproof capability over time.

Bestop 5260101


The right fitment for the brackets of any JK JKU 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018


Tailgate Bar Bestop 5260101

Direct fit replacement for the rear window seal trim Jeep Wrangler JK / JKU 2-Door and 4-Door Models

Since I'm used to sleep in my Jeep during my long-distance journeys in the Canadian wilderness, my softop has to be "wind-resistant" and "rain-resistant". I've replaced the tailgate sealing bar several times over the years and I've made a discovery: among all the available replacements, the tailgate bar made by Bestop is a superior product (in my humble opinion). All those tailgate bars look pretty much the same but Bestop's product has better stiffness, perfectly fits the factory retainers (very tightly), and is a bit lighter compared to alternative products like Smittybilt, Mastertop, Rampage, Quadratec, or the OEM Mopar (the last one being the replacement recommended by the manufacturer). It's also the most affordable one. However, there's a confusion because Bestop says "mounting screws are included" and I know that some Wrangler JK owners don't want to buy it for that reason. But you won't have to drill holes at all. You only have to slide the bar along the brackets and that's it. They also provide good quality adhesive strips. It takes only 1 minute to slide the trim brackets in the retainers. Strongly holds the rear window at high speed (110 km/65 miles) and keeps the rain out of the cargo area for good. So, if you were looking for an advice from a seasoned Jeeper before replacing the rear window cross bar, you got one now.


Bestop Tailgate Bar Wrangler JK 2D 4D


Tailgate Replacement Bar Wrangler JK 2 Doors & 4 Doors Unlimited

The best replacement you can find for the stock tailgate bar located between the rear vinyl window zipped to the soft top and trunk door your Jeep.

Manufactured by: Bestop
Model: 5260101 (JK) - 5260001 (TJ)
4.6 stars based on 12 reviews
$99.99 New

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If you need to replace a damaged unit but still want to stick with the factory tailgate bar no matter what.


Chrysler / Mopar 55395757AC

Mopar 55395757AC

Price: $130



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Replacement Tailgate Bar JK


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