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2 Discount Direct-Fit Alternatives to the Factory Halogen Bulb

LED Bulbs for License Plate Mopar 68064721AA

Best LED bulbs that fit the Mopar License Plate Lens 68064721AA of a Wrangler JK JKU JL JLU or Jeep Gladiator


A license plate light is required by the law in any Canadian province or US state. It's not optional. It automatically lights up when driving at night and makes the licence plate of your Jeep JK/JL visible at all times. Willing to spend $10 to upgrade (or replace) that bulb? I may have good suggestions based on my own experience driving a Jeep full-time.

Bright Lumen 194 White Led Bulb License Plate Wrangler


Putco, Evo, Oracle, Lumen, Dorman, Woxma, and Philips offer powerful and durable Led bulbs that perfectly fit the tricky light cover that comes with any Wrangler JK or JL license plate frame.


Light Upgrade for Wrangler License Plate Frame

Direct fit replacement for any bracket Jeep Wrangler JK / JL / 2-Door or 4-Door Models

First off, no Jeep owner likes the yellowish, blemish, and weak factory license plate light or anyother comparable cheap halogen bulbs made by Sylvania, CEC Industries, Tectran, GE Nighthawk, or Speedway—especially the Jeepers who invest money to get a personalized/vanity license plate. And most 4x4 vehicles come with two bulbs while the Jeep Wrangler/Rubicon/Cherokee/Liberty only has one. It’s a very small amount of light.


Halogen Bulb vs. LED Bulb on a Wrangler JK 2015

Halogen Bulb vs. Led Bulb License Plate Wrangler JK


Second, if you are into intense off-roading or long-distance expeditions in the backcountry, the basic (traditional) halogen lamp recommended by Chrysler may blow out regularly when constantly put under stress. Why? Because the stock bulb doesn’t come with durable electrical terminals, a waterproof resistor, or a voltage surge to protect the unit on bumpy trails. It’s not rated IP68 (liquid protection) or IP65 (shock protection) either.

So, you are willing to pay a bit more to get better light? Fine. But the problem is that the bulb cover is oddly shaped (with irregular angles) and has an extremely tight socket.

Mopar 68064721AA

Lens Light Cover Stock Wrangler Licence Plate Bracket Holder

The OE factory replacement bulb cover for a Jeep Wrangler JK/JKU/JL/JLU Years 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019

Manufactured by: Mopar
Model: 68064721AA
4.6 stars based on 21 reviews
$28.99 New

- That lens is sold here -



Unless the previous owner of your Wrangler replaced the whole license plate holder with an aftermarket kit, the odds are high that you currently have the Mopar license plate lens 68064721AA enclosure (or the equivalent bracket made by Crown Automotive 68064721AA, Rugged Ridge 11233.07, or OMIX ADA 11233.09).

Licence Plate Holder with Protective Bulb Lens Wrangler

So, what’s the problem? Well, it won’t be easy for you to fit any kind of standard194 bulb (with a wedge base) in that housing. In other words, most high-quality aftermarket LEDbulbs are just too big to fit inside that cover. I would say that 80% of them don’t fit.


I personally know three products that fit. Three LED bulbs that 1) have the right size, 2) provide hassle-free installation, 3) probably offer a permanent lifespan, and 4) are cheap.


1. Philips 194 T10 Led Bulb - 12 Years - 6000K

Price: $10 (a pair)




2. WOXMA Bulb 194 T10 3030 SMD Super Bright

Price: $10 (a pair)




3. Sealight Cree XBD 194 Warranty 15 Years of Use

Sealight Cree XBD 2 LED Bulbs License Plate Wrangler JK JL

Price: $15 (a pair)



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